what_are_double_neck_guitars_question_225x225 What Are Double Neck Guitars?

A double neck guitar is a guitar or bass guitar with two necks instead of the traditional one. While it may look a bit odd at first, it has several advantages.

Who Uses Double Neck Guitars Who Uses Double Neck Guitars?

Here are a few of the famous musicians who have used double neck guitars:

DIY Double Neck Guitars DIY Double Neck Guitars

Numerous double neck guitar plans are available to those who wish to create their own double neck guitar. Building a guitar by hand offers several advantages over buying one.

Flying V Double Neck Guitars Flying V Double Neck Guitars

The flying V guitar first appeared at the end of the 50’s, though the instrument lacked popularity with musicians until late in the1960’s when players such as Jimi Hendrix began using it.

Who Uses Double Neck Guitars Learn to Play Double Neck Guitar

The trick to learning double neck guitar is to learn to play regular guitar first.

Quadruple Neck Guitars Quadruple Neck Guitar

Quadruple neck guitars are even more of a rarity than their double or triple neck companions. Requiring extraordinary talent and skill to play, the quadruple neck guitar features four different necks and ...

Triple Neck Guitars Triple Neck Guitar

The triple neck guitar features not one or two but three necks and is known for being heavier and slightly harder to play due to its size.

Types of Double Neck Guitars Types of Double Neck Guitars

The main advantage of the double neck guitar is the variety of combinations it has to offer. Players will find a guitar that can provide the tools they need for virtually any song, regardless of their style.

Vintage Double Neck Guitars Vintage Double Neck Guitars

Vintage double neck guitars allow both collectors and musicians to enjoy older versions or models of double neck guitars.