DIY Double Neck Guitars

Double Neck Guitar Full Scale Plans DIYNumerous double neck guitar plans are available to those who wish to create their own double neck guitar. Building a guitar by hand offers several advantages over buying one. It allows you to customize not only the parts used and the color, but to make your own tweaks and adjustments to the instrument. You can create a unique guitar never seen before, or fix any problems with the design of an existing double neck guitar.

Players can mimic their favorite guitars, such as the Gibson EDS-1275, for a much cheaper price. They may even choose to combine parts from two or more plans to blend the advantages of two different double neck guitars.

Good guitar plans contain detailed drawings and measurements, making them simple to follow and easy to read. Often a top and side view are shown, with complex drawings of the neck given in more detail.

Plans are often drawn to scale. This allows the builder to create their own custom templates and compare the size of their templates with the guitar plans themselves.

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