Flying V Double Neck Guitars

flying_v_double_neck_guitarThe flying V guitar first appeared at the end of the 50's, though the instrument lacked popularity with musicians until late in the1960's when players such as Jimi Hendrix began using it. Created by Gibson to break the mold of the traditional guitar design, the rise of the flying V's popularity led to wilder and wackier experimentation in the shape of electric guitars.

The instrument gets its name from the shape of the body of the guitar. It resembles an upside down V with the neck of the guitar protruding out from the point of the V and the opening in the V shape resting against the player's leg. Versions of the flying V guitar have been created with a right side up V, though they are referred to as an upside down flying V guitar, and the original design is still the most popular.

The double neck guitar version of the flying V resembles an upside down W, or a right side up M, instead of a V. Despite the unusual shape, the guitar is easy to play and provides the same quality of sound and response as a regular electric guitar.

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