Quadruple Neck Guitar

quadruple_neck_guitarQuadruple neck guitars are even more of a rarity than their double or triple neck companions. Requiring extraordinary talent and skill to play, the quadruple neck guitar features four different necks and tends to be quite large and heavy.

The standard quadruple neck guitar features the four necks all in a line, much like two double neck guitars combined in the middle. One of the more well-known models of the quadruple neck guitar features a 4 string bass on top, an 8 string mandolin neck below that, a 5 string banjo for the third neck, and finally a 6 string electric guitar at the bottom. This model allows the player to master an entire range of instruments and they could hypothetically switch between every instrument used in the course of a song. Using the quadruple neck guitar in real life, however, is tricky due to its enormous size.

Another famous quadruple neck guitar was simply called the Quad Guitar. Credit for its invention goes to Michael Angelo Batio. It resembles two V shapes joined together on their sides so that there are two guitar necks on either side of the instrument. The top necks have 7 strings each, while the bottom two necks both feature 6 strings. The Quad Guitar was made from four smaller, separate guitars joined together to create its unusual shape. The Quad Guitar was stolen in 2004, but two of the four separate pieces were found and returned to Michael Batio later on.

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