Triple Neck Guitar

triple_neck_guitarThe triple neck guitar features not one or two but three necks and is known for being heavier and slightly harder to play due to its size. The triple neck guitar is not as common as the double neck, yet its history dates back to the 1950's.

Credit for this large guitar goes to Semie Moseley. He created the first triple neck guitar from his home garage, making each neck slightly shorter than the first.

One of the most notable users of the triple neck guitar is Steve Vai who played a heart-shaped triple neck guitar that has stood out from many of the rest. He also helped design a second triple neck guitar that was one of a kind. This guitar, which he has played on "The Tonight Show," features a regular 6 string neck along with a fretless neck and a 12 string. While the guitar is unique, it is not quite as eye-catching as his original, heart shaped triple neck guitar.

Though the triple neck guitar may be heavy, it has the potential to bring a player or band lots of publicity. Players with the determination and talent to play the triple neck stand apart from the crowd.

The triple neck guitar is manufactored in a variety of shapes and colors, from a traditional plain white to a more bizarre orange and yellow guitar with a body shaped like fiery flames.

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