Types of Double Neck Guitars

The main advantage of the double neck guitar is the variety of combinations it has to offer. Players will find a guitar that can provide the tools they need for virtually any song, regardless of their style. If you plan to buy a double neck guitar, you may already have a vague idea of what you need. Before you choose, however, become familiar with the types of double neck guitars available. You might find a double neck guitar perfectly suited for you that you never knew existed.

Types of Double Neck Guitars:

  • 6/12 String – The 6/12 string double neck electric guitar is one of the most common. It includes a 12 string neck on top and 6 string on the bottom. This guitar allows musicians the freedom to switch between different parts of a song without stopping to change guitars. The 12 string guitar is also known to produce a rich sound.
  • Electric Acoustic – The electric acoustic guitar features an electric guitar and an electric acoustic guitar in one. Switch between the traditional electric and the clear sounds of the electric acoustic. It gives you free reign to alter the sounds you create in your music.
  • Electric Bass – The electric bass guitar can combine an electric guitar with a bass guitar. This combination allows one person to switch back and forth between bass or lead guitar on a song or group of songs. It's helpful for developing a well-rounded playing style.
  • Fretless Bass – A bass guitar featuring 5 strings and a 4 string fretless bass allows a bass player the freedom to play both fretted and fretless to master the difference in playing techniques between the two. A fretless bass makes moving around the neck easier, and the player has the freedom to adjust their positioning if the bass is out of tune instead of stopping to fix it.
  • Acoustic and Electric – The acoustic and electric double neck guitar features an acoustic guitar, not an electric acoustic, and an electric guitar. Arguably one of the most distinct double neck guitars on the market, this piece of work allows players the freedom to master both guitar types, and decide whether to use them separately or combine them for some wild songs.

Regardless of which double neck guitar you pick, you’re still getting two different guitars out of the deal. They may be connected, but you can choose how to use them by changing the 3-way selector switch. This switch allows you to change from one neck to the other, or leave them both open. This is a great way to create a drone effect on the guitar and add some class to your songs. If you’re still unsure which guitar may be right for you, go with what you need the most, perhaps a standard 6/12 string or an electric guitar and bass. Then if you find you still need a different bass guitar or perhaps even a second double neck guitar, you can choose a different version to complete your collection.