Vintage Double Neck Guitars

olp mm612 double neck electric guitarVintage double neck guitars allow both collectors and musicians to enjoy older versions or models of double neck guitars. Certain vintage guitars are desirable based on the way they were constructed, or for having nice sound quality and sturdy build. The shape and features may be unique to that guitar, and not used in current models by the same company.

Musicians and collectors may buy vintage double neck guitars for the guitar's style or rarity. An older guitar may not have the best sound quality, but it could be a perfect addition to a collection. Guitars used by famous musicians are always in high demand and sell for expensive prices.

Often a company may redesign a well-liked vintage guitar and sell an improved model of the guitar with a different name. The new model attempts to change any flaws found in the vintage guitar while still keeping the desirable traits, such as overall shape or color, that defined the original vintage guitar. A musician may want this new model because it has the same qualities as the older guitar yet has a better sound. A collector may wish to purchase both models of the guitar and display them side by side.

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