Who Uses Double Neck Guitars?

playing_double_neck_guitarA double neck guitar is a custom guitar that is often used to impress, but can be useful for complicated and intricate songs. Double neck guitars have a wide range of string count variations on them. Some of them come with 12 strings on the top neck and six on the bottom neck; others can come in a variation of six strings on the top neck and 4 strings on the bottom neck. Some double neck guitars have frets on one neck, and are fretless on the other neck. This supplies a wide range of sound without having to switch out guitars. There are models of double guitars that have been made more popular by the famous musicians who have used them. Here are just three of the famous musicians who have used double neck guitars:

  • Jimmy Page - He is the guitarist of the world famous band Led Zeppelin. He has used double guitars on numerous occasions, in concerts, and in music videos. He has been known to use double guitars for intricate songs like their famous “Stairway to Heaven”. He often uses a model of double neck guitar called the Gibson ESD-1275, and has caused this to become quite a popular model of double neck guitar due to the exposure he has given it.
  • Steve Vai - He is a legendary instrumental solo guitarist that began his career as a musical transcriptionist for Frank Zappa. His amazing musical talent has set him apart to be a success in his own right. He has worked in collaboration with many well known artists. He has had many custom made guitars made for him, and has been known to use double neck guitars on his concert tours. Steve Vai uses an Ibanez Jem double or triple neck guitar.
  • Pete Townshend – He is the guitarist of the memorable rock band The Who. He was known to have used a 6/12 double neck guitar during the band’s North American tour from September through November in 1967. The Who was well known for their guitar rock sound and Pete Townshend supplied it amply, sometimes with a double neck guitar. He used a Gibson SG – EDS 1275 black 6/12 custom double neck guitar.