Epiphone G-1275 6/12 String Electric Double Neck Guitar

epiphone_g1275_doulbe_neck_electric_guitarChannel your inner Jimmy Paige with the Epiphone G-1275 6/12 String Electric Double Neck Guitar. This guitar provides exceptionally good quality sound for a low price. It has been called an affordable Gibson guitar, perfect for anyone who can’t afford the real thing. The heavier weight takes a little getting used to, but the features are excellent. Use both necks at the same time by way of the neck selector, or switch between them for solo’s and drones.

The double necks allow you to play everything from “Stairway to Heaven” to your own masterpieces. The common favorite among features for this double neck Epiphone guitar is the quality of the tones it produces. Clear and strong sounds are easy to manipulate for any song, and perfect for creating overdrive effects. The Epiphone G-1275 has responsive pickups as well, an important feature often lacking on cheaper guitars.

This is no poorly made guitar. It’ll stay in tune, and is free of any annoying buzzing or other malfunctions that can ruin your songs. For a low price, the Epiphone combines good manufacturing with high-quality sound.

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