Galveston Acoustic and Electric Double Neck Guitar

galveston acoustic electric double neck guitarThis Galveston is definitely at the top of the list of unusual and interesting guitars on the market. The Galveston Acoustic and Electric Double Neck Guitar crosses the two guitar types to provide players with one of the most versatile guitars available. Each has something to offer players, no matter how diverse or different they are. Choose whether you’re in the mood for some mellow acoustic music or a slamming electronic guitar riff. If you’re feeling adventurous, use them both together for a sound all your own.

This is a nice guitar for both professionals and beginners. It allows the pro’s to experiment with their sound and develop new tricks while giving beginners the chance to learn styles for acoustic and electric guitar without spending the extra money on two separate instruments.

The acoustic half of the guitar features simple coil pickups, and the electric guitar has all the necessary parts from the tremolo bar, a.k.a. the whammy bar, to the pickups. You can blend a variety of songs and musical genres together as you master the double neck guitar.

It comes at a low price, and players are impressed with the quality of the sounds from both the acoustic and electric sides. It’s great for performing different songs without switching instruments.

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