KTone 6/12 String Electric Double Neck Guitar

ktone electric double neck guitarThe Ktone 6/12 String Electric Double Neck Guitar measures 41 inches in length and features a 12 string on top and a 6 string on bottom. Made with a maple neck and rosewood fretboard, it includes 22 frets and steel strings. This double neck guitar is good for a beginner who can’t, or isn’t ready, to spend the money for a brand name guitar.

The sound is good and the quality is decent, with occasional minor problems that can usually be fixed with simple adjustments. It’s a strong guitar that will hold up well against frequent playing and occasional shows. For professional performers, it may not stand up to the stress of continuous live shows and rough playing. For general use, however, it’s a great guitar when you don’t want to spend a thousand dollars on a big name like Fender.

You may need help with the initial setup, but a few adjustments can make this guitar one you can learn and improve your skills with. It’s also good for the traveling musician who needs something cheaper they can carry with them on the road. For the price, it’s a durable guitar with surprisingly nice sound.

Anyone looking for a professional guitar should think twice, though, and save up for something more expensive.

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