Ovation CSE225 Double Neck Acoustic-Electric

ovation cse225 double neck acoustic electric guitarThe Ovation CSE225 Double Neck acoustic electric guitar allows players to use both necks with the popular acoustic-electric sound. This double neck guitar is built with the performer's comfort and has the added bonus of including 25 frets on it instead of the 22 found on other varieties of guitar. Players can make use of these extra notes to test out the guitars unique sound.

A 3-way toggle switch is built in to allow players to switch back and forth between the necks. Choose to play both at once, or use only one at a time and switch between them as needed. The acoustic-electric combination has a clear sound that works well on its own, and is exceptionally good with an amp.

The Ovation CSE225 combines different sounds for a large combination of styles. Extremely easy to hold and play, this double neck guitar provides all the necessary qualities needed to play live shows and gigs.

Double Neck Guitar Features

  • 6/12 string
  • Super Shallow Depth
  • Modified Quintad Bracing
  • Scale Length: 25
  • Solid Spruce Top

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